Friday, February 06, 2009

I've been twisted!

Friday is the first day of the weekend for me. I have been away every Friday since I began to work again, I thought I would enjoy a long night as I get up "early" on Saturday to go to the fitness club but as I don't have to get up too early on work days, I have preferred to be busy on Friday so far. Going to the movies, to the commercial center, to Paris with my mom...

This morning, I went to pick my digital camera back! It suddenly stopped working 2 months ago and stayed open, but fortunately, it was still under guarantee so it has been repaired, some pieces have been changed and now it's working again, hooray!

I had some other things to see and around noon, I felt quite hungry so I let myself have a little pleasure. A new place has opened on January: it sells salty and sweet pretzels! - we say bretzels in French, don't know why. I tasted a Parmesan one and a cinnamon one! OMG! It is so yummy!! mrgreen

And you, what would you have chosen: Regular, with salt grains, "hot dog", sticks, Parmesan, melted cheddar, onions, sugar grains, praline or cinnamon?

Well, I guess that was my lunch! Naughty pleasure neurone! lol
Okay, tonight it will be salad with grilled goat cheese ad cereals for tomorrow morning sport session. wink


Daisy said...

Frogmae, you're back! I moved my blog address, I thought we'd lost you forever, so glad to see you're back and things sound good with the job and the new flat- stay in touch!x Daisy (used to be Marianne)

Frogmae said...

Hey! Wondered who was Daisy before to read the comment! lol Yes, finally back on the blogosphere! Thought you have left the blogosphere too... happy to see you're still writing and will check your blog right away! xxx