Saturday, February 07, 2009

"Melted Snow, Melted Snow, Melted Snow..."

This morning, as every Saturday morning, I was leaving for the fitness club when it started to rain, I was able to catch a bus so that was okay and I thought I would take the bus back home for once (I usually walk) . Once I got to the fitness club - that is next to the train station - the rain has turned into little hailstones. Once I got into the collective classroom to start the course, it started to snow... again! For once, I had not checked the whether forecast, damned me!

Well, snow is not a big problem, I love walking in the snow. Only, as it is not cold enough, it did not stay on the road and most part of the pavement, melted and turned into a nasty sludge. So, I was definitely taking the bus home... but when I arrived at the bus station, there was a paper sign where was written "because of the snow, the traffic of buses 144, 244, 467, etc is so far interrupted". What the hell????

It was deadly snowing and the ground really horrible! I had no choice but to walk home. I am lucky I don't live far from the fitness club. The thing is, I discovered that my sneakers are NOT waterproof! Within 5 minutes, my socks and feet were wet, it was like I was walking in socks in the melted snow... floc floc... It took me more time than usual because I was trying not to slip but I finally succeeded to make it home safe, although my feet were freezing, the bottom of my jeans and my jacket were all wet.

It was 2:30pm already and I was starving, it felt good to eat something warm and chill the rest of the afternoon. I was supposed to go out but I preferred to postpone it. It took me the whole afternoon to warm me up... My sneakers spent the afternoon in front of the heater but they are still not dry... I may have to think about buying some nice little snow boots!

In France, it is like that! You get 5 or 10cm of snow and the whole world is falling apart! Bus and train stations are closed, planes are stuck on the tarmac... but cars are still driving, go figure!

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wontletlifedefineme said...

We had lots of hail here today, and this morning in Belgium too. Fortunately we got home before the roads became too slippery.

As for shoes, it may not be your thing, but I have some Ecco walking shoes with goretex in them that are ideal. Waterproof, very comfortable and durable. The only bad thing about them is the price... But when there's hail and snow predicted, I won't leave the house unless I'm wearing those shoes.