Thursday, June 11, 2009

The beginning of the end of the tunnel


After these past sh**ty months, I have been waiting for something to change! About work, about love, about money (that goes with work) among other issues.
Three months ago, I decided to buy me a moto finally and I am loving it, even if the Parisian weather has been quite ugly lately...

I took the tests for the dream job last week and I had planned to call my "guidance counselor" at the military recruitment office in Paris to see if he had already some news about the results but I got a call from him yesterday! I have a good profile, I had good grades on the English, Morse code and logical tests, I have a good evaluation concerning my 3-day stay at the Fort of Vincennes and from the recruitment Officer with who I had the two interviews. The only average grade is on the sport tests, the Luc Léger test (cardio) is not easy, then the obstacle race was not hard but it was difficult to link all the different steps. However, I am pround to have held 22s on the suspension test (the minimum asked is 10s). My motivation and maturity took over the average sport results so my application has been accepted to be an Officer in Communication and Public Relations. I could not believe it! I am so happy about thise great news! biggrin

The only thing now is that I have to wait for a post to be available. There is one in the Foreign Legion but my guidance counselor is not willing to send a woman there and if you know a little bit about this special body of the French Army, you will understand why wink. The second one is in Toulouse and really interested me but unfortunately the medical visit stated that I do not fit to be a paratrooper. There is a third post that is going to be available but there is no details about it so far.

On Tuesday, I had a call from a woman from the fitness club I go to. I sent an application to the Human Resources last month to be a hostess in one of the fitness clubs of the chain, it was accepted but I had had no news since then. I went to train this morning and I chat with the woman and I am going to be working there all July to replace people on vacation. This is nice because, although my registration ends this week, I will able to train for free from the next time I go until the end of July so far! This is not very far from home. The only disadvantage is that I will mostly be doing openings so work from 7am till 2:30pm with half an hour break at 11:30am, so get up around 5-5:30am. But, hey, it will help me get used to get up early when I will be working in the French Army! rolleyes And I will have all my weekends free and afternoons after work.
On August, I am leaving for 10 days on vacation and then, whether I will be getting ready to leave for the 3-month military training I have got a post in a regiment or, I hope so, have other contracts from the fitness club chain.

My mom told me that now that I have had such good news, it can only keep on this way.
May the journey in this dark and long tunnel be over soon?... I hope so and count on it!


wontletlifedefineme said...

That's such great news! Congratulations and well done on all the tests! Your hard work certainly paid off. I hope it keeps going so well for you from now on!

Ksam said...

Congratulations, looks like all of your hard work has paid off!!