Sunday, June 14, 2009

Female ride

Some girls from the motorcycle forum I am a member of and I decided to do a female ride. Not that we do not like to ride with the guys but we wanted to do something different, see what it could be like, as you sometimes want to go out in a mixed group or on girls/boys night out. When we began to talk about it on the forum, it instantly provoked sharp reactions from some guys but we finally managed to explain the reason for why we wanted to organize a female ride.

So yesterday, we left from Versailles, we were 6 girls and 5 motorcycles. We had a very nice weather, so hot! Yes, moto riders always complain, 'it's too cold... it's too hot...' lol At least, when you are driving that is ok, you have got some air but when you stop at traffic lights, stops, etc. it is like a sauna, wearing the leather moto jacket, with the sun and the motor heat...

We did not expect to have so much success, we got many different (good) reactions, there was a guy that passed us with his moto and turned back his head one time, two times, three times "oh my gosh, just girls!!" and we got a reaction from the thumb! So funny!!

We all liked this little ride and we are ready to do it again. I also had the chance to take outdoor photos from my mount, finally.

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